All the colors
of the world

The landscape image shows a group of boys and girls from different ethnicities smiling. The background is completely white. A slogan reads: "All the colors of the world".
It is the first campaign by Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani, in collaboration with French agency Eldorado. He goes on to win numerous awards all over the world, while also receiving some criticism - a sign that he is on the right path.
In the following years, Benetton launched a series of controversial campaigns. A Russian boy and an American girl hugging each other. A Palestinian boy and an Arab boy holding up a globe together. A native American and a young punk with similar hair.
Portraits on a white background. Diversity and provocation. Contrast and globalization. These ingredients become a calling card for United Colors of Benetton communication.
And "All the colors of the world" - the slogan from the first Toscani campaign – becomes the new name of the brand: United Colors of Benetton.